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Dr. Constantine Dino, our very own star of a lecturer. I would like to just say THANK YOU Dino for teaching me P1 and P3 (ACCA) and above all, teaching me more than what i needed for the exam. Its easy to learn content to pass however Dino ensures you learn knowledge for practical application. My business knowledge widened through his sessions and i can't express enough of how amazing his mind maps. He doesn't treat you as an exam candidate but a fellow professional in the industry. For me DINO is DINO, no comparison and one amongst the best lecturers I have had. Thank you for inspiring me.


The really inspiring learning approach and practical application was delivered beautifully by Dr.Constantine. His vast experience is evident in his teaching style!
Samer H.

It is great for our business students to have this opportunity of learning the critical business success factors from a real entrepreneur and seasoned international trainer and speaker; we are privileged to have Dr ‘Dino’ with us today.”

Bahrain Polytechnic - Namasiku L.

The delivery was power-packed. Dr. Constantine’s “link it all together” session was particularly effective.
Irfan A.F.

“Speaking without notes for three hours he delivered a thought provoking session to the SME owners”! 

Natalie Gillet – reporter covering the National Bank of Adu Dhabi (NBAD) SME Academy session

Love how Dino is breaking down the areas and also linking the areas. Already feeling more confident because of the techniques being given here. The word BECAUSE is making already making a huge difference for me! Thank you.




Dr Dino is very very very knowledgeable and he explains it in a simplest way. His points are very clear and direct. Definitely one of the best speaker I have ever met! THANK YOU DR DINO. Much appreciated. -student from Malaysia-

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