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Sample talks / sessions:

Entrepreneurship - How to pitch your idea!


Brief: This is a step by step talk on how individuals can pitch their idea in 15 simple steps. It is a fun presentation full of practical examples and a simple approach on how to structure a presentation, for example what to cover and present first, what the logic should be, the do’s and don’t’s etc. It covers areas investors look for, what they usually ask during a VC pitch and why and is highly interactive as it covers questions from the audience in a practical way.


Human Capital Future Trends

Know the trends affecting employers & employees at the workplace 


This inspiring presentation addressed to HR related business professionals and aspiring HR candidates is a must for those who want to find out why, how and in what way HRM is changing rapidly in order to prepare for the future. It provides information about latest HR Trends for Employers, CEO’s, Directors, and Recruiting Professionals who are involved in recruitment, selection, talent acquisition and are responsible for planning and developing their organization’s talent to present key stats, facts, discuss key issues, share perspectives and get updates on best Industry trends.


Creative Thinking & Innovation – There is always a way to do things better!


Brief: The main objectives of this workshop is to stimulate participants to think differently; to think more creatively and to believe that they can challenge the status quo of their organization with specific ideas. This can be achieved by making participants understand and realize that innovation is a necessary requirement for competitive advantage, not an option. The specific objectives are to:

  1. Stimulate participants to think differently

  2. Make participants understand how to generate ideas

  3. Make participants able to understand how to overcome obstacles

  4. Make participants supportive to innovation and “changes” in general

  5. Make participants understand how to screen ideas & implement through innovative thinking techniques 


Understanding the ingredients for crafting and fine-tuning a business strategy


Brief: For a number of reasons, organizations find it difficult to materialize their strategy and/or sustain their business. It is because of the business model? Is it because of the environmental pressures? Is it because of competition or due to management or internal operations or something else? It usually is a combination of reasons but in many cases failure to do the obvious and act within a “common sense” framework may drive organizations in the wrong direction. 

In this highly inspirational talk on how to make things ‘happen’ in terms of finding the right approach to the market and how to sustain it the concept of strategy is analyzed based on  the steps required towards crafting a successful strategy as well.


Corporate Governance Made Simple


Brief: This talk offers a holistic approach to Corporate Governance, its rationale, its relationship with risk management and ethics. It begins with an understanding of the concept and the rationale behind its importance in the 21st era. It covers main points required for companies to set up and create an effective and efficient corporate governance framework such as the role of the boards, the role of non - executive directors, the importance of analyzing stakeholders, issues of independence, conflict of interest and ethical dilemmas. Corporate Governance actually begins by understanding that it is essential to have solid knowledge of risk and the management of risk. This in turn creates the internal controls and appropriate culture required.


Decoding 3 of the Best Business decisions of all time


This presentation decodes 3 of the best Business Decisions of all time and analyses them in an inspiring way. It goes over the reasons for the decisions, the background, who made them and their impact on the organizations. Tune it to find out more, get inspired and


Join in to find out more on the companies and the stories!

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